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Facts of an Un-Fictitious Romance

Someone once wisely noted in a movie I found myself tuned into- ‘When you feel excited and nervous around someone, it means that it’s not love but infatuation. When you feel calm and at peace with your surroundings when with that person, that’s true love’. Well, I can attest to the veracity of that statement since that is precisely how I felt when I first met my to-be husband.

When I chose to look beyond the initial annoyance that was intended to impress, something clicked somewhere. I will coyly avoid any mention of a crush that had long since seeped in. The difference though was I went in with a bulletproof armour (or so I thought) and came out more helplessly in love than ever before. It did not take a lot for me to realise that this was different. He was different. Refreshingly so.

He had managed to challenge my intelligence, test my patience and poke fun at my prejudice all in our first conversation. Moreover, as clichéd as it sounds, he made me laugh like no other, question life like no other and most importantly, made me happy like no other. That is far from all that our relationship built on. We shared many common opinions, trivial stuff that you do not normally blink twice at, but it did not negate the importance of it all.  

When you pride yourself on being a romantic at heart, you do not expect to fall for someone who is so much more than that. That is precisely what I had to contend with as we courted. With a grand romantic gesture from him, I would fail miserably if I tried to reciprocate. He was always that step ahead. Our relationship was never perfect but it was as goddamned close to that as it gets.

I felt like me, comfortable in my own skin, early 20’s acne and all. He even found amusement in my sarcasm, joining in more often than not. No longer did I have to explain or laugh alone at my jokes. Coming from an engineer’s mind- our frequencies matched.

We tested our union every way possible- financial, long distance and any other way you can think of. Even survived in-class marriage course exercises in church! So that calm feeling that sunk in from day one has kept us together no matter what life decides to throw at us. I wake up everyday knowing I am with the man who was made for me, who sees the best in me, who has stood by me in every temper tantrum and who refuses to let go of my hand when times are tough. Every time I look at the big sparkler sitting pretty on my ring finger, I am reminded of how our love has only grown in the years we have spent together- the good, bad and ugly.


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