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Kicking the Caffeine Conundrum

There is nothing quite like the addiction of that mellow, brown heat that seeps into your belly as you down the first sip of your beverage of choice. Whether you choose to numb it with sugar or dairy, stevia or almond milk, there is always the urge to reach for that cup of comfort in an effort to stave off boredom or sleep. Building a steady reliance on a dose of caffeine to keep motoring through the day is what cultivates the necessary infatuation of being constantly accompanied by that crisp new recycled cup.

I am not attempting to discount the occasions when you are in a rush to get the kids out the door and into their school buses and you cannot quite find the time to reach for the coffee filter and grounds to brew a batch. The red taillights that serve as beacons to the drive through never looked better. Of course, you need a buttered bagel to go with that since you made the effort to wait your turn at the window. You even find involuntary drool slip down the sides of your lips because you can smell the distance to the open coffee shop window.

Then there are those busy afternoons that are preceded with a mammoth lunch box. There is that all-important meeting that you need to be attentive at and even take notes for the project manager who is dolling out action items like they are leftover pizza slices at the team luncheon- You do not realise how bad they are for your waistline until it’s too late. A welcome out of that daze is the intoxicating aroma wafting out of your mug that is quietly billowing wisps of beauty.

It is only when you’ve had quite enough of the tossing and turning between the sheets all night long that you realise that something that you though was your friend, is not your friend at all. The epic caffeine crash left you listless and uneasy with mild heartburn to garnish. Lying awake in bed, you find that little patch on the ceiling that the painters missed while your partner is in blissful Neverland. You squint at the bright light of your cellphone screen nearby and grimace at the hour – it will not be long before you will be reaching for another cuppa Joe. And the cycle will continue.

A commitment to change and break lose of the chains of captivity is a tall task. There is no easy way out, no quick fix solution. You will find temptation at every nook and corner. Every passing cup in the corridor at work. Kicking this dependence on a hit of nirvana every so often is made increasingly difficult when your body begins to revolt to the sudden snap of change. The rush of blood to the brain is so intense that you are most certainly left looking for that bottle of Advil. While it sure does get easier with passing time, temptation lurks at every corner. The weekend rolls by and you are lugging the weekly grocery load to your car, it is tough to say no when you see everyone else walking by with loaded trays and to-go bags from the coffee chain. And while the occasional treat will not kill you, it sure will serve as motivation to keep going.

So if this made you circle back to your unintentional reliance on caffeine, I can rest happy knowing there are others out there who want to cut back and do not see a way out. Know that there is someone out there rooting for you. Every time you resist the urge, know there are others who are cheering you on as you explore life outside the confines of that cup of heaven.


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