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The Coronation of Summer

The landscape of endless green is what chides you into admission that all beauty is transient. In a fleeting moment, the muggy mornings will no longer wake you up from a tired slumber. The beads of sweat along the sides of your iced coffee will no longer coerce you to down it all before it melts into a warm mess. Before long, you will find yourself picking up that hot beverage at the local coffee shop.

Till then, all you can do is revel in the wonders of the paradise that is summer all while trying not to bore yourself mindless with summertime activities. Moderation is not key when this beauty is so short-lived. You intentionally want to sniff out the aroma of fresh cut grass in the yard two houses down from your patio as the warmth of the sun seeps through your sunscreen sticky skin. It is hard not to be annoyed at the clouds that dare to obstruct those welcome rays as they cover your entire backyard in that mellow, golden glow. Moreover, when the clouds do make way, you will find yourself occasionally wishing for that gentle sweat-cooling wisp of cool breeze as it leads your lazy peonies into a graceful dance.

When the parched Earth soaks up the first torrent of rain brought in by the errant thunderstorm, the scent that fills the air is a true treat for your senses. The miniscule layer of dust on the green leaves swims to oblivion and there is a mute vibrancy to the new life forced in them, like that gush of fresh air after a particularly crowded elevator ride.

Then there are the parks that are a minefield of crisp blades of grass and unruly weeds for toddlers to trample on, just looking for the perfect hill to roll down. The huddles of the protective mums as they herd their littler ones in a pack of strollers around the playground while the older ones frolic on that curvy-tailed slide, is always a mesmerising sight to behold. The playful gurgle of the stream hidden in the cozy canopy of trees is a welcome sight after the endless mirage of perfectly coiffed lawn. The steady whiff of sweet barbecue sauce is the distinctive indicator that the season of perfectly grilled ribs and spicy wings is in full throttle. Then there is the harmonious jingle of the ice cream truck that creates a frenzy among the crowd of kids longing for some relief that is not water, against the heat of the day. Truth be told, you would not want to be stuck on the path leading to cold, sweet nirvana. You would be better off on the carousel after a big lunch!

On the sandy shores of the lake, a cool toe dip is like finding milk in the carton that you thought was empty. There is nothing quite like having the drowning sand run amok between your digits as you dig through the calm surface to bury through the banks. If we are talking personal favourites, it has to be the tranquility of the solitary picnic table that was formerly laden with all the sweet treats that are so wrong for your uncomfortably burgeoning waistline while the serenity of the landscape sinks in.  For the keen eye, there is always the euphoria of inspiration that persuades a tired rear to pursue the sunset, as a child would chase the bearer of forbidden candy. And it’s curtain call when the bronze of the disc blinks eerily in the distance as if scripting one last hurrah. Gone too fast. Gone too soon.


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